A small child with light pale skin and fair light hair sits on the floor in the kitchen, wearing blue shoes, grey overall sweats, with a white stripe down the side, and a long sleeve shirt with the sleeves rolled up, that is striped blue, grey, and white. they hold a metal spoon in their left hand and are looking down at it as they hit a white metal pot bottom. surrounding them on the floor are the contents of the cabinets and drawers that were pulled out to find the instruments, including a variety of pots and pans, metal spoons, and plastic tupperware, collanders, etc. the floor is a white tan with cross and squared brown tile, with brown wood cabinets off framing the photo. SHT Simonis

A life-long musician who could syncopate before they could speak, Juniper is a classically trained percussionist, set drummer, and sound collager.

They’ve performed and recorded with wind ensembles, jazz groups, and rock bands and are currently on a new adventure they hope to share soon.

The Oresund Sound

Along with Scott Callan and Ben Dalziel, Juniper is a central part of the musical collective named The Oresund Sound, which formed in Ithaca, NY in 2008.

The group has provided live soundtracking to silent films and accompaniment to visual historical exhibitions.