Close-up of an algae-covered rock pool on Appledore Island, Maine. The algae are forming a mat on top of the pool and you can't even see the water. It's so dense that the gasses that would normally exchange through the water surface with the environment are bubbling underneath and into the mat; bubbles of lighter white-green are all over the mat. The mat is a mix of deep forest and classic greens where it is thick. In the background, there is the rock lining the pool, which is granite and has a mix of colors in the grey and brown shades, with angular cracks. The water has drawn down in the pool over time, leaving bathtub rings of water lines. There are also a few rocks jutting up from the pool and off to the left. The shadow casts away and to the right, leaving the near corners darker. JL Simonis 2010

Juniper is an avid science photographer whose subjects range from the urban chemical warzones to craggy coastlines where they conduct research.

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