Juniper writing some math at a white board (the sum of rho sub i times x sub i over i from 1 to N) while looking back at the camera over their left shoulder. Their hair is close shaved around the sides and done up in a curly mess. Their eye brows are sharp and they are wearing dangly circle earrings with silver hoops and blue beads. They are giving a smirky smize look at the camera and their freckles are plentiful and multi-colored. M Harris 2020

Dr. Simonis has a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Cornell University and is the Owner & Lead Scientist of DAPPER Stats, a Portland, OR-based quantitative ecology consulting company.

They are also the Founder & Executive Director of the Chemical Weapons Research Center, a research, education, and activism Benefit Company focused on understanding the impact of chemical weapons on people, communities, and the environment.