A roller derby game, mid jam, taking place in an indoor arena with fans in the stands and standing behind a short fence with sponsor logos, and photographers on the floor, which is a deep blue with orange track boundaries. Juniper is playing with Rose City, who is in white and purple, competing against Gotham in red and black. Juniper is in the front right of the screen playing offense for Loren Mutch, Rose City's jammer, who is in the center of the photo exploding into a sprint. Behind Juniper directly are three Gotham blockers, and the fourth blocker is behind Mutch, and has a face of slight dejection. As the jammer, Mutch is wearing the white helmet cover with a purple star. Juniper has a black helmet and is wearing a light purple bandana. In the background on the track, you can see Gal of Fray, 23, a Rose City blocker bracing blockers in defense against Gotham's jammer. It is a fleeting moment but a cleanly executed play by Rose City, who would go on to win the semi-final match 159-113. There is a watermark for Adina Butler, IGP Photo 2017 in purple in the lower portion of the picture. Juniper (65) playing offense for Loren Mutch

Juniper has been playing roller derby since 2012 and is a current member of the defending world champion and #1 Ranked Rose City Rollers Wheels of Justice.

Juniper competed in the WFTDA world championships in 2014 (did not place) with the Windy City Rollers and in 2015 (1st Place), 2016 (1st Place), 2017 (2nd Place), 2018 (1st Place), and 2019 (1st Place) with Rose City.

Alongside competing, Juniper has been recognized for their activism and advocacy for inclusion of transgender athletes.