Juniper at a table in a library conference room. They are sitting at the far end, looking across the table at the camera, the table top is pale green with brown trim, the walls are white and plain, with two light fixtures on the walls aiming upwards. Juniper is wearing a long sleeve dress shirt (white with light grey specks), black suspenders, and a blue white and black bow tie. Their hair is relatively short, tapered down to a bizz near their ears, but shaggy and a little mullet-like. They are writing with a black pen in a small notebook and are flanked by propped open text books, a laptop, and a mason jar of water. They are staring at the camera smizing and smirking. A Pagels 2015

In addition to their scientific publications, Juniper writes on a range of topics from statistical coding to trans inclusion in sports to chemical weapons history.

Recent Pieces

Top US Chemical Weapons Company Selling Lethal Smoke as Non-Hazardous
October 14, 2021 in The Equation

Moving Scientific Publishing Toward Social Justice
September 9, 2021 in Inside Higher Ed
Co-author with 19 others: S. J. Cheng, M. Zaringhalam, A. P. S. Carvalho, R. T. Barnes, G. Goldman, J. L. Simonis, M. Creary, S. C. Bodison, W. Bohon, P. Chakraborty, L. Edwards, S. Leath, A. R. Marklein, N. A. Williams, K. S. Ramirez, J. Zelikova, R. P. Caballero-Gill, A. Guatame-Garcia, A. Sanchez-Rios, and A. M. Porras.

Safariland Promised to Stop Making Chemical Weapons—But Has It?
August 13, 2021 in The Equation

Pay No Attention to the Gross Negligence Behind the Smoke
March 22, 2021 in We Out Here Magazine